HL7 V2消息类型

ACK Acknowledgment 消息回复
ADR^A19 Patient Query – Response
ADT^A04 Register a patient 病人注册
ADT^A08 Update patient information 病人信息更新
ADT^A05 Pre-admit a patient
ADT^A06 Change an outpatient to an inpatient 门诊转住院
ADT^A07 Change an inpatient to an outpatient 住院转门诊
ADT^A01 Admit/visit notification 查房开始
ADT^A03 Discharge/end visit 查房结束
ADT^A02 Transfer a patient 病人转院
ADT^A28 Add person information
ADT^A13 Cancel discharge/end visit
ADT^A14 Pending admit
ADT^A31 Update person information
ADT^A11 Cancel admit/visit notification
ADT^A10 Patient arriving – tracking 病人到达
ADT^A09 Patient departing – tracking 病人出发
ADT^A12 Cancel transfer 取消转院
ADT^A15 Pending transfer
ADT^A16 Pending discharge
ADT^A17 Swap patients
ADT^A18 Merge patient information (for backward compatibility only) 合并病人信息(低版本兼容)
ADT^A20 Bed status update
ADT^A32 Cancel patient arriving – tracking 取消病人到达
ADT^A33 Cancel patient departing – tracking 取消病人出发
ADT^A27 Cancel pending admit
ADT^A25 Cancel pending discharge
ADT^A26 Cancel pending transfer
ADT^A23 Delete a patient record 删除病人记录
ADT^A29 Delete person information 删除病人信息
ADT^A21 Patient goes on a “leave of absence”
ADT^A22 Patient returns from a “leave of absence”
ADT^A24 Link patient information 管理病人信息
ADT^A35 Merge patient information – account number only (for backward compati
ADT^A36 Merge patient information – patient ID and account number (for backwa
ADT^A34 Merge patient information – patient ID only (for backward compatibili
ADT^A30 Merge person information (for backward compatibility only)
ADT^A48 Change alternate patient ID (for backward compatibility only)
ADT^A49 Change patient account number
ADT^A46 Change patient ID (for backward compatibility only)
ADT^A47 Change patient identifier list
ADT^A37 Unlink patient information
ADT^A38 Cancel pre-admit
ADT^A41 Merge account – patient account number
ADT^A40 Merge patient – patient identifier list
ADT^A39 Merge person – patient ID (for backward compatibility only)
ADT^A42 Merge visit – visit number
ADT^A44 Move account information – patient account number
ADT^A43 Move patient information – patient identifier list
ADT^A45 Move visit information – visit number
ADT^A51 Change alternate visit ID
ADT^A50 Change visit number
ADT^A52 Cancel leave of absence for a patient
ADT^A53 Cancel patient returns from a leave of absence
ADT^A55 Cancel change attending doctor
ADT^A54 Change attending doctor
ADT^A60 Update allergy information
ADT^A62 Cancel change consulting doctor
ADT^A61 Change consulting doctor
BAR^P01 Add patient accounts
BAR^P02 Purge patient accounts
BAR^P05 Update account
BAR^P06 End account
BAR^P10 Transmit Ambulatory Payment Classification(APC)
BAR^P12 Update Diagnosis/Procedure
BPS^O29 Blood product dispense status
BRP^O30 Blood product dispense status acknowledgment
BRT^O32 Blood product transfusion/disposition acknowledgment
BTS^O31 Blood product transfusion/disposition
CRM^C02 Cancel a patient registration on clinical trial (for clerical mistakes onl
CRM^C06 Cancel patient entering a phase (clerical mistake)
CRM^C07 Correct/update phase information
CRM^C03 Correct/update registration information
CRM^C05 Patient enters phase of clinical trial
CRM^C04 Patient has gone off a clinical trial
CRM^C08 Patient has gone off phase of clinical trial
CRM^C01 Register a patient on a clinical trial
CSU^C09 Automated time intervals for reporting, like monthly
CSU^C11 Patient completes a phase of the clinical trial
CSU^C10 Patient completes the clinical trial
CSU^C12 Update/correction of patient order/result information
DFT^P03 Post detail financial transaction
DOC^T12 Document Query – Response
DFT^P11 Post Detail Financial Transactions – New
EAC^U07 Automated equipment command
EAN^U09 Automated equipment notification
EAR^U08 Automated equipment response
EHC^E01 Submit HealthCare Services Invoice
ESR^U02 Automated equipment status request
ESU^U01 Automated equipment status update
INR^U06 Automated equipment inventory request
INU^U05 Automated equipment inventory update
LSR^U13 Automated equipment log/service request
LSU^U12 Automated equipment log/service update
MDM^T05 Document addendum notification
MDM^T11 Document cancel notification
MDM^T07 Document edit notification
MDM^T09 Document replacement notification
MDM^T03 Document status change notification
MDM^T01 Original document notification
MDM^T06 Document addendum notification and content
MDM^T08 Document edit notification and content
MDM^T10 Document replacement notification and content
MDM^T04 Document status change notification and content
MDM^T02 Original document notification and content
MFK^M01 Master File – Not Otherwise Specified (for Backward Compatibility Only) – Response
MFN^M01 Master file not otherwise specified (for backward compatibility only)
MFN^M02 Master file – staff practitioner
MFN^M03 Master file – test/observation (for backward compatibility only)
MFN^M04 Master files charge description
MFN^M05 Patient location master file
MFN^M06 Clinical study with phases and schedules master file
MFN^M07 Clinical study without phases but with schedules master file
MFN^M08 Test/observation (numeric) master file
MFN^M09 Test/observation (categorical) master file
MFN^M10 Test /observation batteries master file
MFN^M11 Test/calculated observations master file
MFN^M12 Master file notification message
MFN^M13 Master file notification – general
MFN^M15 Inventory item master file notification
MFN^M14 Master file notification – site defined
NMD^N02 Application management data message (unsolicited)
NMQ^N01 Application management query message
NMR^N01 Application Management Query Message – Response
OMB^O27 Blood product order
OMD^O03 Diet order
OMG^O19 General clinical order
OMI^O23 Imaging order
OML^O21 Laboratory order
OML^O33 Laboratory order for multiple orders related to a single specimen
OML^O35 Laboratory order for multiple orders related to a single container of a sp
OMN^O07 Non-stock requisition order
OMP^O09 Pharmacy/treatment order
OMS^O05 Stock requisition order
ORB^O28 Blood product order acknowledgment
ORD^O04 Diet order acknowledgment
ORF^R04 Response to query; transmission of requested observation
ORG^O20 General clinical order response
ORI^O24 Imaging order response message to any OMI
ORL^O22 General laboratory order response message to any OML
ORL^O34 Laboratory order response message to a multiple order related to single sp
ORL^O36 Laboratory order response message to a single container of a specimen OML
ORM^O01 Order message (also RDE, RDS, RGV, RAS)
ORN^O08 Non-stock requisition acknowledgment
ORP^O10 Pharmacy/treatment order acknowledgment
ORR^O02 Order response (also RRE, RRD, RRG, RRA)
ORS^O06 Stock requisition acknowledgment
ORU^R01 Unsolicited transmission of an observation message
ORU^R31 Unsolicited New Point-Of-Care Observation Message – Search For An Order
ORU^R30 Unsolicited Point-Of-Care Observation Message Without Existing Order – Pla
ORU^R32 Unsolicited Pre-Ordered Point-Of-Care Observation
OSQ^Q06 Query for order status
OSR^Q06 Query For Order Status – Response
OUL^R21 Unsolicited laboratory observation
OUL^R22 Unsolicited Specimen Oriented Observation Message
OUL^R23 Unsolicited Specimen Container Oriented Observation Message
OUL^R24 Unsolicited Order Oriented Observation Message
PEX^P07 Unsolicited initial individual product experience report
PEX^P08 Unsolicited update individual product experience report
PGL^PC6 PC/ goal add
PGL^PC8 PC/ goal delete
PGL^PC7 PC/ goal update
PMU^B01 Add personnel record
PMU^B02 Update personnel record
PMU^B03 Delete personnel re cord
PMU^B04 Active practicing person
PMU^B05 Deactivate practicing person
PMU^B06 Terminate practicing person
PMU^B07 Grant Certificate/Permission
PMU^B08 Revoke Certificate/Permission
PPG^PCG PC/ pathway (goal-oriented) add
PPG^PCJ PC/ pathway (goal-oriented) delete
PPG^PCH PC/ pathway (goal-oriented) update
PPP^PCB PC/ pathway (problem-oriented) add
PPP^PCD PC/ pathway (problem-oriented) delete
PPP^PCC PC/ pathway (problem-oriented) update
PPR^PC1 PC/ problem add
PPR^PC3 PC/ problem delete
PPR^PC2 PC/ problem update
PPT^PCL PC/ pathway (goal-oriented) query response
PPV^PCA PC/ goal response
PRR^PC5 PC/ problem response
PTR^PCF PC/ pathway (problem-oriented) query response
QBP^Z81 Dispense History
QBP^Z87 Dispense Information
QBP^Z89 Lab Results History
QBP^Z85 Pharmacy Information Comprehensive
QBP^Q11 Query by parameter requesting an RSP segment pattern response
QBP^Q31 QBP Query Dispense history
QBP^Q13 Query by parameter requesting an RTB – tabular response
QBP^Z93 Tabular Dispense History
QBP^Z95 Tabular Dispense History
QBP^Z75 Tabular Patient List
QBP^Z77 Tabular Patient List
QBP^Z91 Who Am I
QBP^Z99 Who Am I
QBP^Z97 Dispense History
QBP^Z79 Dispense Information
QBP^Q15 Query by parameter requesting an RDY display response
QBP^Q24 Allocate identifiers
QBP^Q22 Find candidates
QBP^Q23 Get corresponding identifiers
QBP^Q21 Get person demographics
QBP^Q25 Personnel Information by Segment Query
QBP^Z73 Information about Phone Calls
QCN^J01 Cancel query/acknowledge message
QSX^J02 Cancel subscription/acknowledge message
QRY^A19 Patient query
QRY^PC9 PC/ goal query
QRY^PCK PC/ pathway (goal-oriented) query
QRY^PCE PC/ pathway (problem-oriented) query
QRY^PC4 PC/ problem query
QRY^Q27 Pharmacy/treatment administration information
QRY^Q28 Pharmacy/treatment dispense information
QRY^Q29 Pharmacy/treatment encoded order information
QRY^Q30 Pharmacy/treatment dose information
QRY^Q26 Pharmacy/treatment order response
QRY^R02 Query for results of observation
QRY^T12 Document query
QSB^Z83 ORU Subscription
QSB^Q16 Create subscription
QVR^Q17 Query for previous events
RAR^RAR Pharmacy/Treatment Administration Information
RAS^O17 Pharmacy/treatment administration
RCL^I06 Request/Receipt Of Clinical Data Listing – Response
RDE^O11 Pharmacy/treatment encoded order
RDE^O25 Pharmacy/treatment refill authorization request
RDR^RDR Pharmacy/Treatment Dispense Information – Response
RDS^O13 Pharmacy/treatment dispense
RDY^Z98 Dispense History (Response)
RDY^K15 Display response in response to QBP^Q15
REF^I12 Patient referral
RER^RER Pharmacy/Treatment Encoded Order Information
RGR^RGR Pharmacy/Treatment Dose Information
RGV^O15 Pharmacy/treatment give
ROR^ROR Pharmacy prescription order query response
RPA^I08 Request For Treatment Authorization Information – Response
RPI^I01 Request For Insurance Information – Response
RPI^I04 Request For Patient Demographic Data – Response
RPL^I02 Request/Receipt Of Patient Selection Display List – Response
RPR^I03 Request/Receipt Of Patient Selection List – Response
RRI^I12 Patient Referral – Response
RQA^I11 Request for cancellation of an authorization
RQA^I09 Request for modification to an authorization
RQA^I10 Request for resubmission of an authorization
RQA^I08 Request for treatment authorization information
RQC^I05 Request for patient clinical information
RQC^I06 Request/receipt of clinical data listing
PIN^I07 Unsolicited insurance information
RQI^I01 Request for insurance information
RQI^I02 Request/receipt of patient selection display list
RQI^I03 Request/receipt of patient selection list
RQP^I04 Request for patient demographic data
RRA^O18 Pharmacy/treatment administration acknowledgment
RRD^O14 Pharmacy/treatment dispense acknowledgment
RRE^O12 Pharmacy/treatment encoded order acknowledgment
RRE^O26 Pharmacy/Treatment Refill Authorization Acknowledgement
RRG^O16 Pharmacy/treatment give acknowledgment
RDY^Z80 Dispense Information (Response)
RSP^K11 Segment pattern response in response to QBP^Q11
RSP^Z84 Who Am I (Response)
RSP^K22 Find candidates response
RSP^K21 Get person demographics response
RSP^K24 Allocate identifiers response
RSP^K23 Get corresponding identifiers response
RSP^K25 Personnel Information by Segment Response
RSP^K31 Dispense History Response
RSP^Z82 Dispense History (Response)
RSP^Z86 Pharmacy Information Comprehensive (Response)
RSP^Z88 Dispense Information (Response)
RSP^Z90 Lab Results History (Response)
RTB^K13 Tabular response in response to QBP^Q13
RTB^Z94 Tabular Dispense History (Response)
RTB^Z96 Tabular Dispense History (Response)
RTB^Z76 Tabular Patient List (Response)
RTB^Z78 Tabular Patient List (Response)
RTB^Z92 Who Am I (Response)
RTB^Z74 Information about Phone Calls (Response)
SIU^S18 Notification of addition of service/resource on appointment
SIU^S15 Notification of appointment cancellation
SIU^S17 Notification of appointment deletion
SIU^S16 Notification of appointment discontinuation
SIU^S14 Notification of appointment modification
SIU^S13 Notification of appointment rescheduling
SIU^S23 Notification of blocked schedule time slot(s)
SIU^S20 Notification of cancellation of service/resource on appointment
SIU^S22 Notification of deletion of service/resource on appointment
SIU^S21 Notification of discontinuation of service/resource on appointment
SIU^S19 Notification of modification of service/resource on appointment
SIU^S12 Notification of new appointment booking
SIU^S24 Notification of opened (“unblocked”) schedule time slot(s)
SIU^S26 SIU/ACK Notification that patient did not show up for schedule appointment
SQR^S25 Schedule Query Message And Responsem
SQM^S25 Schedule query message and response
SRM^S07 Request addition of service/resource on appointment
SRM^S04 Request appointment cancellation
SRM^S06 Request appointment deletion
SRM^S05 Request appointment discontinuation
SRM^S03 Request appointment modification
SRM^S02 Request appointment rescheduling
SRM^S09 Request cancellation of service/resource on appointment
SRM^S11 Request deletion of service/resource on appointment
SRM^S10 Request discontinuation of service/resource on appointment
SRM^S08 Request modification of service/resource on appointment
SRM^S01 Request new appointment booking
SRR^S01 Request New Appointment Booking – Response
SSR^U04 specimen status request
SSU^U03 Specimen status update
SUR^P09 Summary product experience report
TCR^U11 Automated equipment test code settings request
TCU^U10 Automated equipment test code settings update
VXQ^V01 Query for vaccination record
VXR^V03 Vaccination record response
VXU^V04 Unsolicited vaccination record update
VXX^V02 Response to vaccination query returning multiple PID matches

hl7 v2在socket通讯中应该注意的问题

1.hl7 v2在socket通讯时,是需要有起始及结束字符的
结束字符为0x1c 0x0d